About Us

With India's role in the global economy growing on the back of increasing world trade, the need for smooth and efficient cargo handling services has never been more acute. Companies need an efficient, reliable and cost effective logistics solution to help them stay competitive and they are finding that the only way to achieve this is with a professional partner who is dedicated to their success.

Established in 1995

Avignon Shipping Private Limited was established in 1995 by Rajdeepak Bhargava. Today, we are one of the oldest and leading Customs Clearing and Forwarding Agent in Pune with our own permanent CHA licence. We have a strong and dedicated work force and well setup offices with state-of-the-art technology, giving us a clear edge over our competition. Our professionalism and reliability has helped us achieve great success over the years.

Regional Presence

In addition to our head office in Pune, we have fully staffed offices in

  • Mumbai port
  • Sahar Air Cargo
  • Jaigarh port
  • JNPT

Our regional presence allows to provide efficient and timely clearance services at these major points. We are fully equipped with all facilities including online submission of Bills of Entry and all shipping bills.

For more information about our regional operations and about how Avignon Shipping Private Limited can help you manage your logistics chain please contact us.

Present List of Directors

  1. Mr. Rajdeepak Ramdev Bhargava - MD
  2. Mrs. Renu Rajdeepak Bhargava – Director
  3. Ms. Neha Rajdeepak Bhargava – Director
  4. Mrs. Jessy Jose – Director
  5. Mr. Mohan Shivaji Satav – Director
  6. Mr. Girish Satish Dixit – Director
  7. Mr. Sandeep Jaysing Thorat – Director
  8. Mr. Ashish Mahadev Raul – Diretcor
  9. Mr. Abhijeet Anandrao Patil - Director

Recent News

Mr. Rajdeepak Bhargava, MD of Avignon Shipping Private Limited and Founder and President of the Pune Customs House Agent Association, was chosen to interact with Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman, H'ble Finance Minister, on behalf of the CHA on matters related to ease of business and issues facing the industry. Mr. Bhargava was widely lauded for his insights and his interaction with the Senior Minister, and was thanked by all concerned for his contribution to the industry.